I am passionate about helping people express their full potential through chiropractic care. As a family wellness chiropractor I love caring for pregnant moms, babies and all members of your family! Simply put, I love being a chiropractor because chiropractic changes lives!
Growing up in Thunder Bay, I had my first adjustment when I was in university. I wish I had known about chiropractic sooner! That first adjustment changed my perception of health, and is what inspired me to be a chiropractor today.
It’s been 17 years since I started practicing. WOAH TIME FLIES! I look forward to adjusting my patients every single day. The human body has an incredible capacity to heal and my patients have been the biggest teacher of this lesson. I’m grateful to witness the miracles that happen in our office. A properly functioning nervous system always leads to optimum function of the human body!

I love to learn and grow. I have extensive training with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and I’m also Webster Technique certified. Becoming a mom and seeing first hand how truly amazing the human body is, has fueled my passion and love for prenatal and family care.

Chiropractic adjustments are the foundation  of my family’s health care. All three of my boys have been adjusted since birth. My husband and I get adjusted too! I’m congruent in both my personal and professional life and you can trust that what I recommend for you, I do as well.
When I’m not at WCWC I love being active, going to the cottage and traveling. Since my kids are so young, I spend a lot of time making snacks and playing trucks! I’m also a certified infant and toddler sleep consultant with WeeSleep. Helping tired parents get the sleep they need is another passion of mine. I’m thrilled to be the WeeSleep consultant for Durham and around the globe. A proper sleep schedule for our kids was life changing and I’m excited to bring sleep to other families who are struggling!
This all might sound so busy but I can’t imagine not doing what I love! The biggest values I use every day, in everything I do are, family, health, connection and service!
See you on the adjusting table!